Backendless Pro is Now Available With Docker Architecture

by on October 30, 2018

The Backendless Platform is built to run anywhere. We have had that vision right from the very first release of the product. Many of you are familiar with Backendless that we host in the cloud; however, the exact same technology stack is also available as an on-premises solution which we call Backendless Pro. Backendless Pro utilizes Docker architecture for easy distribution and instrumentation.

With the release of version 5 of the product earlier this year, we tasked ourselves to rebuild how Backendless Pro is being distributed. Previously, it was available through a downloadable installer which led to difficulties in configuring and scaling the software. We decided to base the architecture on Docker, where each component of the Backendless technology stack would be running as a separate Docker container. There are multiple benefits to this approach:

  • Backendless can be distributed through DockerHub, where we publish images for each component.
  • Using Docker Compose, we can define and run Backendless as a multi-container application.
  • It is significantly easier to instrument and scale separate containers.
  • Customers can easier upgrade their installations.

We are thrilled to announce that the new Backendless Pro version 5 is now available. You are welcome to give it a try and run your own installation of Backendless Pro – the unlimited version of our platform (30-day eval licenses are automatically generated). You can find the instructions for installing and running the product on the GitHub page for Backendless Pro.

The following features are automatically included in the latest distribution:

Soon we will be publishing the updated documentation on Backendless Pro. Please contact us on the Backendless support forum or Slack have any questions.

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