Press Releases

Backendless is recognized to be the leading Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) by 500 + authoritative IT experts

Frisco, Tx, June, 22, 2015 – Backendless is recognized to be the leading solution for the global mobile application development in the DZone’s latest research guide, the Guide to Mobile Development – 2015 Edition. This guide compiles the key findings from a survey of 500 + authoritative IT professionals. The precise exploration of the mobile market offers has been conducted to find out the top ones. This study results in helpful and valuable articles from the industry experts, useful infographic that depicts common pain points for mobile developers and a solution directory of the leaders in mobile web frameworks and MADPs. more>>

New Backendless 2.0 Official Release

Frisco, Tx, June, 8, 2015  – Backendless Corp. is announcing that a new Backendless 2.0 release is fully available for application development. Backendless 2.0 is packed with innovative functionality that embraces almost all Platform’s Services. New Backendless features and tools is a breakthrough plunge in the direction to Overall Application Development Backendless Platform – a global unified system for designing, developing, running and managing backend services. .more>>

Official Release of GMO mBaaS powered by Backendless

Frisco, Tx, May, 21, 2015  – A major Japanese internet services company GMO Internet Group has announced today a service called “GMO mBaaS powered by Backendless”. The service is a dedicated, white-label installation of  Backendless platform customized for the Japan  market.more>>

Backendless Enterprise On-Premise Version is available for downloading

Frisco, Tx, May, 21, 2015 – Backendless Corp’s announcing the official release of Backenldess Enterprise – the NEW VERSION of Backendless Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP). Now the leading Application Development Platform is available for on-premise or private cloud installation..more>>

 Backendless has gained a title of a top-ranked cloud solution of 2015 

Frisco, Tx, April, 27, 2015 – Backendless became the official top-ranked featured vendor within DZone’s latest research guide – the Guide to Cloud Development, 2015 Edition. 600 + IT experts exploring the issues of Cloud Development, Global Cloud Trends – 2015 as well as offers a solution directory of the leaders in cloud development...more>>

Announcing official beta of Backendless


Backendless Corp. announced free beta availability of Backendless 1.0. The stated cloud Backend-as-a-Service platform provides developers of desktop and mobile applications with out-of-box powerful backend for building native apps in minutes.. more >>