New On-Premise Backendless Platform Version Is Available for Download

by on May 21, 2015

Frisco, Tx, May, 21, 2015 – Backendless Corp’s announcing the official release of Backendless Enterprise – the NEW VERSION of Backendless Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP). Now the leading Application Development Platform is available for on-premise or private cloud installation.

Backendless Enterprise (Pro) is a new standalone version of the popular Backendless Platform. The new version’s packaging and free-to-download format allow its on-premise or private cloud installation.

Now application developers and organizations can take full advantage of the power of the Backendless Mobile Application Development Platform with the total control of the application infrastructure, data, workflows and IT procedures. The crucial point of a new version is that Backendless Enterprise provides all the benefits to its users without any dependency on the cloud!

The Backendless Enterprise feature set is identical to the Online version of Backendless. Applications can rely on powerful data persistence and application user management APIs, leverage file storage, deliver push notifications, exchange publish/subscribe messages and deploy custom business logic.

Now all these options are available either within your own on-premise or private cloud infrastructure. Backendless Enterprise has a variety of unique features and a bulletproof infrastructure that is built to scale and proven in a number of enterprise deployments.

For licensing inquiries, contact Backendless Sales.

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