Backendless Is a Top-Ranked Cloud Solution

by on April 27, 2015

Frisco, Tx, April, 27, 2015 – Backendless became the official top-ranked featured vendor within DZone’s latest research guide – the Guide to Cloud Development, 2015 Edition. 600+ IT experts exploring the issues of Cloud Development, Global Cloud Trends – 2015 as well as offering a solution directory of the leaders in cloud development.

The experts offered several lists of the best up-to-date cloud market solutions within the Cloud Leading Solution Directory. The key criteria for solution ranking were as the following: security, reliability, functionality, cost predictability, flexibility, agility, immediate and long-term performance, etc.

By all these vividly significant features for application development, the list of the top cloud solutions highly recommended for developers 2015 has been compiled.

Backendless Service Platform appeared in the list of the best up-to-date solutions for mobile application development.

Backendless is a mobile development platform possessing a profound functionality of an App Container, a Platform-as-a-Service, Database-as-a-Service, and mobile-Backend-as-a-Service solution.

These options, together with the most generous BaaS market pricing plan, make Backendless the most attractive choice for the global developer community.

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