Press Release 2013-03-05

by on March 5, 2013

Dallas, March 5, 2013 – Backendless Corp, announcing official beta, declares next step in (m)BaaS evolution and development of mobile, browser and desktop applications without lock-in.

Backendless Corp. announced the free beta availability of Backendless 1.0. The stated cloud Backend-as-a-Service platform provides developers of desktop and mobile applications with out-of-box powerful backend for building native apps in minutes.  Using given service developers escape the necessity to write server-side and can focus on UX and functionality of their apps.

The platform enables developers to create apps without server coding by utilizing programmable services which supply standard server functions. The following supported features are user management, relational data, push notifications, publish/subscribe messaging, geolocation, video/audio recording and live streaming on the server, file service. The functions of services are available through robust API. The company published SDKs for all popular environments: iOS, Android, JavaScript, ActionScript, Windows Phone and REST.

“Ultra-scalable Backendless platform was created by developers and for developers. By solving their problems we hope to significantly simplify the way apps are being developed. The task of writing the client-side can be solved by many, but development of reliable, scalable, persistent server code demands professionals with exceptional qualifications. Now, with Backendless those server characteristics are available to anyone. In addition, you have at least twice as less tasks to build and launch the project“, – says Mark Piller, Backendless founder and CEO.

Amongst key and unique features are app versioning support, video recording and live streaming on the server, filtering for publish/subscribe messages, hosting of websites and apps, flex/air clients support.

Backendless invites developers of desktop, mobile and browser apps to check out the combination of easy-to-use and unique features of the new platform and share personal impressions at

About platform

Backendless, Corp., the endless productivity company, based in Frisco, TX., – Backend-as-a-Service startup by Midnight Coders. Company has 7 years of successful track record with WebORB and CloudPuncher in its product portfolio. The platform enables developers to build powerful apps in the cloud without a single line of server code and lock-in.

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