Backendless recognized as a Leader in Mobile Backend as a Service and API Management

by on September 29, 2022

G2 Fall 2022 Report Feature

FRISCO, Texas, September 22, 2022 – Backendless has been named a Leader in the Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) category by G2 for Fall 2022. The company was also named a High Performer in the API Management category.

This recognition is based on reviews from verified users on G2 Crowd, an industry-leading business software review platform.

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“We are very excited to see continued positive feedback in our third quarter on G2,” said Backendless Founder and CEO Mark Piller. “We’re particularly thrilled to see the overwhelmingly positive reviews of our user support team. Support has always been a top priority for us, and we are very happy to see that users appreciate the efforts our team puts in.”

To wit, user Marc C. stated in his review, “beyond offering an incredible platform, the team offers stellar support with fast turnarounds, as well as great training content.” Another user drove the point home further, stating “the team is always there to help customers and they provide very reactive support, even to users like me who have started designing their product but not launched yet. I haven’t started paying Backendless yet, and they have provided a lot of quality help.”

Reviewer Mohammad A. offered additional praise for the support team, “The support is always there and they go a step beyond to help the customer with any issue they might face.”

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Many of Backendless’ accolades come in the Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) category. Backendless was an early pioneer in the no-code/low-code mBaaS space, and has developed a feature-rich platform for this business use case.

“Compared to Azure Web Apps, there is a ton less work required to get something up and going,” said Aaron S. in his review. “Compared to Firebase, I prefer the Backendless relational database support.”

Several reviewers identified Mark Piller’s contributions directly. Reviewer Mario G. praised Mark for helping with support questions even outside of business hours. “Mark Piller the CEO of the company [is] on call 24/7; he helps me with questions during the weekend!” Reviewer Simon N. concurred, stating that “the CEO Mark and his team are really knowledgeable and helpful so you know you’re in good hands.”

Another common theme among reviews is the ease of use of the platform and how it makes projects much faster to complete. Simon N., a small business CEO and CTO, commented that, “As a small development company without the budget and resources to develop and manage complex backend systems, Backendless was a huge headache- and cost- and time-saver for us.”

One reviewer, who chose to remain anonymous but was verified by G2, put it this way:

The Backendless team have put together an extremely powerful platform. It makes for easier and faster development with very few constraints and a lot of possibilities. Whether front-end design or database and API, or even server-side code, it’s all possible, in multiple programming languages, but most importantly with Codeless, their home-grown visual logic design.

This year, 2022, marks 10 years since Backendless began development on what we believed would “become the most powerful mBaaS system on this planet.” While it can be debated whether or not this is the case, one thing is clear: Backendless has earned its rightful place in the conversation.

This comment from reviewer Jean-Michel L. very much sums up the feelings of the Backendless team as well: “I think we are just at the beginning of the journey with Backendless because we are only just using a small part of all the possibilities there are with this platform.”

We agree, and those possibilities will continue to grow in the months and years to come.

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