Introducing Developer Permissions for Team Based Development

by on October 15, 2019

As we move toward the launch of version 6.0, we are excited to introduce new features to the Backendless platform that will make your life easier starting today. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a highly-requested new feature, Developer Permissions.

Application development is a team sport. It takes a team to build more advanced and sophisticated apps, which is why Backendless has supported development teams for a long time. Previously, however, there was no way to limit backend access for certain members of a team. This made adding new team members a riskier-than-necessary proposition.

With Developer Permissions, the creator of the app in Backendless is now called the app’s Owner and is given the ability to grant access permission to virtually every aspect of the Backendless Platform. As a result, it is possible to restrict team members’ access to areas of the backend that the team member should not be able to modify. The app’s Owner can also give additional high-level team members the ability to modify permissions as well.

You can set Developer Permissions as broadly or narrowly as you need. Each individual function of your Backendless backend can receive different permissions for different team members, granting you total control over your development team.

Enhance Your Application’s Security

Backendless has always considered the security of your application and data to be of utmost importance. We recognize, however, that application security is not just about the end-user, but also about proper permissions for team members.

Developer Permissions provide a fine grain level of access to everything the system does. Permissions range from read-only to full/admin access, with everything in between.

There is no limit on how many developers can be on the team. As your business grows, your team can safely grow with it. Similarly, it is easy to remove a member from the team, so you never have to worry about former team members retaining access to your backend.

Developer Permissions Is Available Now

Developer Permissions are available now as part of the version 5.6.0 release. Full support for this feature is included in Backendless Cloud, Backendless Pro and Managed Backendless plans.

We know this has been a frequently-requested feature for quite some time. We are very excited to make it available to you today. We look forward to seeing your application and your team grow!

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