Managed Backendless

Managed Backendless

Fully managed.
Completely isolated cluster.
24×7 monitoring.

Managed Backendless provides you with a dedicated server cluster running the Limitless Edition of the Backendless Platform, staged exclusively for your app/company. The service is fully managed – we monitor the installation 24×7 to ensure its smooth and reliable operation, backed by our service uptime guarantee. There are no functional limits so your application can grow infinitely.

About Managed Backendless

Best Value

Managed Backendless is a hybrid product, mixing the best of Backendless Cloud and Backendless Pro. You get the limitless qualities of Backendless Pro with the convenience of Backendless Cloud. We manage all aspects of the server-side, so you can focus on growing your application.

Multiple Data Centers

Your Managed Backendless installation can be set up in a location closest to your target audience. Choose between our data centers in North America or Europe, or contact us to discuss other locations that would work best for your business.

Smooth Migration

Application migration from Backendless Cloud to Managed Backendless is absolutely painless – our system administration team takes care of the task while preparing the installation. All of your users, data, and files will be migrated to your own Managed Backendless backend.

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Guaranteed Uptime

A Managed Backendless installation agreement comes with an uptime guarantee. We ensure that your cluster is virtually always up and running so you can provide the smoothest user experience possible for your app’s users.

Fully Managed

With Managed Backendless, you not only get the backend technology, you also receive a complete suite of all server-side-related operations. Our team handles all aspects of running the backend system for your app. This includes server monitoring, load balancing, backups, security audits, patches, and upgrades.

Dedicated Installation

Unlike Backendless Cloud where the backend servers are shared by multiple apps, Managed Backendless is completely isolated. Every Managed Backendless installation runs as an independent cluster. This provides you with complete isolation for your application data and all backend processes, boosting security and stability.

24/7 Monitoring

Our SysOps team establishes several hundred monitors for every element of the system. We monitor absolutely every aspect of the backend processes and servers to provide the most reliable, scalable, and secure service. Monitor readings are continuously processed in real-time by an intelligent rules engine system and overseen by the SysOps staff.

Managed Migration

If your application runs in Backendless Cloud or on another platform entirely, we will handle the migration of the data, users, and files for you. We will make moving your existing backend system to Managed Backendless as painless as possible.

Dedicated Support

As a Managed Backendless customer, your application and servers move to the top of our priority list. You receive a dedicated support channel that provides a guaranteed response from the support team and our fastest response rate.

Limitless Edition

Managed Backendless runs the Limitless Edition of Backendless, meaning all limitations found in the billing plans of Backendless Cloud are gone. You can store an infinite number of objects in the database, create an unlimited number of security roles, your Cloud Code does not have a runtime limit, and your timers can run as frequently as you’d like.