Managed Backendless Pricing

Subscription licensing for a fully managed service.

Managed Backendless is a hybrid solution combining the best of Backendless Cloud and Backendless Pro. It is a dedicated installation of the Backendless Platform specifically for your application/company. All functional limitations are removed, the service is fully managed - we provide a complete managed solution for software, hardware, and all system administration tasks. The system is fully isolated - all hardware instances, software processes, databases and file storage are staged exclusively for your application(s). Managed Backendless comes with the uptime guarantee so you can focus on growing your app.

Key Highlights

  • Licensing is based on the API volume.
  • Multiple geographic locations available (North America, Eastern/Central/Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia)
  • No functional limitations or restrictions.
  • 24x7 Monitoring and guaranteed uptime
  • Direct professional support is included with every installation.
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