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Create Chat App with Flutter SDK

In this article we are going to demonstrate how to create a simple chat application with the new Backendless SDK for Flutter. This will give you an overview of the process needed to integrate your Backendless server-side with your Flutter app client-side. The Backendless SDK for Flutter is currently available for Android and coming soon for iOS.

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Backendless Flutter SDK Release

Today, Backendless is excited to announce the release of the Backendless SDK for Flutter. With this SDK, you can quickly and easily integrate your Backendless server-side with your Flutter application. If you’re new to Backendless, start your free trial today to see how easy it is to integrate the most complete backend as a service platform available with your Flutter app.

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework originally created by Google for developing apps for Android and iOS. The Backendless SDK for Flutter currently supports Android only, with iOS support coming soon.

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