Introducing the Backendless Flutter SDK

by on May 9, 2019

Backendless Flutter SDK Release

Today, Backendless is excited to announce the release of the Backendless SDK for Flutter. With this SDK, you can quickly and easily integrate your Backendless server-side with your Flutter application. If you’re new to Backendless, start for free today to see how easy it is to integrate with your Flutter app. Backendless is the most complete backend as a service platform available.

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework originally created by Google for developing apps for Android and iOS. The Backendless SDK for Flutter currently supports Android only, with iOS support coming soon.

Like Backendless, which is a fully cross-platform solution, the Flutter library is designed to combine the performance and platform-specific integration capabilities of native mobile with the rapid development of multi-platform UI frameworks like React Native. The Backendless SDK for Flutter is a Flutter plugin package. It provides access to Backendless services using the existing platform-specific implementations of our Android and iOS SDK. It allows the developer to run their Backendless Flutter app on both Android and iOS platform.

Backendless is structured with multi-platform implementation at the front of mind. The Backendless Database stores objects in a neutral format so that the SDKs – including the new Flutter SDK – can automatically convert objects to the native form for the client-side environment. These conversions work in any direction to or from any Backendless SDK. They also apply to all supported client-side environments.

Looking to see the SDK in action? Check out our blog post showing how to integrate Backendless into a Flutter messaging app using our pub-sub messaging system.

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