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by on April 14, 2022
SuperScaling by Backendless

Building apps with Backendless means you will never have to worry about your infrastructure being capable of scaling with you. SuperScaling is the secret sauce that makes this possible.

Failure to scale can doom a successful app. If your backend can’t handle increased traffic – data flow, API calls, logic processing – your app will slow to a crawl or even crash. The result will be frustrated users that walk away, often never to return.

App scalability is the capacity of an app to handle growth, especially in supporting user growth while simultaneously managing your evolving business needs. Specifically, scalability relates to the app’s backend and database and the servers they are hosted on.

At Backendless, our philosophy is simple: enable our users to build any application you can imagine without fear of scaling failure. To achieve this goal, we developed a proprietary system called SuperScaling.

With SuperScaling, you can rest assured that the ebbs and flows of traffic to your app will be handled smoothly and efficiently without any input needed from your development team.

SuperScaling is available standard on all plans.

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How SuperScaling Works

SuperScaling is a complex system that allocates server-side resources to make sure that all requests are handled as fast as possible. The Backendless engineering team has spent years perfecting this serverless infrastructure system so you can build with confidence – and never worry about managing your own servers.

SuperScaling uses a smart resource allocation system and intelligent routing to distribute server resources in the most efficient way possible. This system not only ensures that your app runs smoothly, but that all Backendless Cloud apps are supported with a stable backend.

SuperScaling graphic

SuperScaling provides a way for multiple parallel requests and requests sent from different locations to be processed efficiently by the backend.

Built On Backendless Infrastructure

Backendless does not rely on outside cloud server services such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Services to support our Cloud users. In addition to allowing us to build fast and secure infrastructure without outside influence, limitations, or constraints, this also gives us price stability that we can then pass on to you.

Since we own our server infrastructure, we have been able to build the SuperScaling system from the ground up. We are not limited by the capabilities or limitations of third-party server farms.

More importantly, we are not impacted by changes these companies may make in the future. We can continue to make improvements to the SuperScaling feature without the risk that developments we make will fail to function properly on the server hardware or software that is in place.

How Does SuperScaling Compare To AWS Elasticity?

Other serverless services like Amazon’s AWS offer a similar “auto-scaling” option for application deployment. The primary difference, however, is that Backendless handles this for you from the start, whereas services like AWS require you to opt-in and perform certain setup activities.

Additionally, in order to get the most out of AWS Elasticity, you will need to monitor and test your application frequently to ensure your setup is running at maximum effectiveness. If you want to be able to both scale up and scale down, you will need to identify areas of your application where this applies and put it into action.

With SuperScaling, the Backendless system handles this entirely for you. Your first and only focus is on building your application and acquiring users. You will never need to concern yourself with servers or optimizing for load balancing and scaling.

Of course, there are still steps you can take to ensure your application runs at maximum efficiency – such as architecting your database properly, transacting APIs efficiently, etc. But implementing these items is more about optimizing for individual user experience rather than optimizing for scale.

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