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How To Add JSON Objects In Backendless Database

Backendless Database now supports the JSON data type, a significant innovation that allows us to support both structured and unstructured data.

How to Load Data Objects From the Server With Sorting

In another Recipe article, we discussed how to load data from the Backendless mbaas server using paging. In fact, data paging is only one of the features available in the data loading API. In this post, we are going to show how to fetch data objects with sorting. The sorting option can be combined with…

How to Create/Save New Data Objects Using REST Console

The REST Console is a part of the Backendless Console. It is a versatile interface that lets you perform a complete CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) set of operations on your data stored in Backendless using the REST interface.

How to Load Objects From an MBaaS Storage Using Data Retrieval API

Loading data objects from the Backendless persistent storage is a fundamental operation a large majority of the online/mobile applications require. Backendless Data Retrieval API is simple, yet very powerful.

How to Load Related Data Objects – The ‘Semi-Lazy’ Approach

In other articles, we’ve discussed how to load object relations using the auto-load and the one-step approach. Both of these approaches return a complex hierarchy of data where the parent object includes child entities at the time when it is retrieved from the server.

How to Load Related Data Objects – The ‘One-Step/Dynamic’ Approach

In another article, we described how to load complex data objects from the persistent storage using the “auto-load” technique. Using that approach, a developer can statically identify specific (child) properties that should be returned along with the parent object(s) when a client app sends a request to load them.

How to Load Related Data Objects – The ‘Auto-Load’ Approach

Another post covered how to retrieve data objects from Backendless. The code in that article loads a collection of the Restaurant objects and although it does not show it, the related collection of the Location objects arrives un-initialized. That is the default behavior of Backendless Database when it comes to loading related objects. The code…

How to Create Custom Mapping Between Data Tables and Client Classes

In another post, we describe how data tables in Backendless map to the client-side classes whose instances contain persisted data objects. However, there are scenarios when the default mapping is undesirable. In that case, Backendless client libraries provide an API to override the mapping.

How to Load the Last Object From a Data Table Using API

In another article, we wrote how to load the first object from a data table using API. For the purpose of symmetry (and out of common sense), there is also an API to load the last object from a data table in your Backendless Database. The last object is determined by the time when it is…