New Release Featuring Logout All Users and Page Size For Related Data

by on November 7, 2019

New Feature Release

We are excited to announce another new release for the Backendless platform as we approach the release of Version 6.0. Available today, Release 5.6.2 includes two powerful new features and a variety of bug fixes. Read on to learn more.

We recently told you about the introduction of Developer Permissions in Release 5.6.0. In the latest release, we have handled a variety of bug fixes and are introducing two new features that will make your development life easier.

Logout All Users

Backendless Console now includes a function to logout all users, which can be found in the Users > Login section of the Console. The feature does exactly what its name implies: logs out all users of the application and terminates their sessions. This may be helpful when you release a new version of your app and need to get all users out of the current sessions.

Alternatively, it can be used to terminate sessions when all users reach multiple concurrent logins. While uncommon, this could happen if the logins are not handled properly.

Logout All Users

Page Size For Relations

We also added the ability to specify the page size for the relations. This means there is now a special parameter in the API that controls how many related objects should be loaded along with the primary ones.

For example, suppose there are two tables in your database: Customer and Order. Every customer may have multiple orders. You can now query the database to load X customers and for each customer, you can preload Y orders using the relationsPageSize parameter. Previously, the number of related orders was automatically equal to the number of customers, so if you loaded X customers, you could get only X orders. Now you can control both.

Backendless REST API now supports the new parameter. We will be updating all of our SDKs to include this functionality in the Data Service API. If you’d like to test this functionality now, you can use the REST Console built into Backendless Console.

Relations Page Size

As always, we look forward to seeing the incredible applications you are able to create thanks to our ever-improving functionality.

Happy Coding!


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