Learn the Fundamentals of Codeless Programming

by on January 15, 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, learning to program can be a daunting task. But what if I told you that you could learn the fundamentals of programming without writing a single line of code? That’s right—no coding required!

With the Backendless platform, you can build virtually any application you could build with code. If you’re a developer or app builder looking to make your app concept a reality, this new free masterclass available on YouTube is the perfect place to start.

The course is called Codeless Programming Masterclass and it’s taught by Backendless CEO Mark Piller. In the class, Mark teaches you the fundamentals of Codeless programming so you can easily build apps and software without writing any code.

So if you’ve always wanted to develop your own app but didn’t know where to start, now is your chance. Watch the intro video above for more information and start the course for free today!

This course is part of the Backendless Learning Path that ends with the opportunity to become a Certified Backendless Engineer.

Ready to Build Apps Faster?

Begin the free course and start building apps faster with Codeless today.

1. How To Set Up a Codeless Development Environment

In this first video, Mark starts by telling you what codeless programming is and why codeless development is a great option for beginner coders. To get started with Backendless and follow along with the course, sign up for a free plan. No download is required, all you need is a web browser to access the Backendless development platform.

2. Creating a Codeless “Hello World” App

In this video, you will learn how to build your first Codeless app by creating a simple Hello World app with Backendless. You will learn a few important Codeless programming concepts in this tutorial, including:

  • how to use the “print” block
  • how to connect blocks together
  • how to check the browser console output created by a codeless app

3. Working With Values and Variables

In this video, you will learn all about working with values and variables. You will learn a few important concepts including:

  • what is a value?
  • what is a variable?
  • how variables can hold values?

4. Understanding Data Types

In this video, you will learn about using different data types. Items covered in this tutorial include:

  • data types available in Codeless
  • how to check the database of a value of a variable
  • what the null value and the undefined data type are

5. Utilizing Math Operations in Codeless Programming

In this video, you will learn about composing math operations using Codeless programming. You will learn how to create codeless functions can perform calculations, which is an important part of programming.

6. Data Type Conversion and Type Coercion

This video describes the concept of type conversion – changing the type of the data from one data type to another. Type conversion is the process of changing the data type explicitly and type coercion is the process of enacting the conversion in the logic explicitly.

7. Implementing Conditional Statements (IF / ELSE) in Codeless

In this video, we discuss implement conditional statements (if/else) using Codeless blocks. Using conditional logic, your program can make decisions and, based on those decision, choose what happens next.

8. Working With Strings in Codeless

In this video, we discuss Strings and all operations supported by that data type. We will cover a number of important topics including:

  • search in strings
  • using carriage return (line feed)
  • concatenation
  • calculating string length
  • retrieving sub-strings

9. Working With Dates

In this video, we discuss working with Dates and all related operations. Topics covered in this video include:

  • getting the current date
  • extracting date “components” (day, month, year, hour, minutes, seconds, timezone)
  • converting dates to various formats
  • dates as timestamps
  • modifying dates

10. Implementing Functions in Codeless Programming

In this video, we discuss functions in Codeless programming and their purpose. We review how functions can be created and how they can be called without writing code.

11. Premature Return and Recursion Functions

In this video, we continue reviewing functions in Codeless programming. Here we look into more advanced topics such as:

  • premature return
  • recursion

12. Using Loops in Codeless Programming

In this video we discuss using loops in Codeless programming. You will learn about topics including:

  • what loops are
  • different varieties of loops
  • breaking out of the loop

13. Working With Lists, Collections and Arrays

Lists (aka Collections or Arrays) are one of the fundamental data structures in programming, including Codeless programming. This video describes what lists are, how indexing works and different ways to construct lists in Codeless.

14. Sorting Lists With Codeless Programming

In this video we discuss various list (aka array or collection) sorting options available. You will learn how to sort elements by their value, how to sort them by the index of that element and how to reverse list order.

15. Data Retrieval and Update Using Lists

In this video, you will learn how to retrieve data from a list and how to update list element values using Codeless.

16. Filtering Lists in Codeless

In this video, you will learn how to filter items in a list. Filtering is the process of creating a sub-list with some items removed based on some criteria.

17. List Transformations With Codeless

List transformation is the process of “converting” list values to process another list. In this video, you will learn how to achieve this with Codeless.

18. Aggregate Functions For Numeric Lists

This video describes the capability to perform mathematical (aggregate) operations on numeric lists (lists containing numbers). These operations include:

  • calculating sum
  • finding the minimum or maximum number
  • calculating average, median, and standard deviation
  • finding a most repeated number
  • retrieving a random number

19. Introduction to Objects in Codeless Programming

Introducing Objects – one of the foundational elements of app development – in Codeless programming. You will learn what objects are, how they are structured, and what they consist of.

20. Working With Object Properties and Keys

In this video, we continue the discussion about objects in Codeless programming. We review the following functionality:

  • removing object’s property
  • getting object’s keys
  • merging two objects together

21. Navigating Object Hierarchy With Codeless

In this video, you will learn how to navigate an object’s hierarchy. We explore how to obtain a property value that is either a list or an object and continue retrieving their corresponding elements or properties.


Once you complete this 4 and a half hour course, you will be well on your way to mastering Codeless programming with the Backendless platform. You will know many of the fundamental elements of programming as applied in a Codeless environment.

For your next steps, we recommend taking a closer look at our free App Blueprints. Each of these pre-built templates provides insight into different elements of Backendless, showing you how to implement many of the platform’s features into a real-world application.

Please let us know what you think of this video course! You can leave your feedback in the comments section below or head over to our forum and share your thoughts!

Happy Codeless Coding!

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