Doublet for KHL

by on November 10, 2015

Receive dynamic real-time updated for hockey games in progress.


DoubleT for KHL is our first application that was developed with Backendless SDK. At the moment it uses the Data service only, but we have plans to use other services in this and probably other projects as well. We like SDK’s functionality and simplicity of integration. The prototype and production versions of the backend were built up without necessity to extend project’s team with server-side developer, so it significantly saved our time and money. The documentation, code generation feature and support level are very good, so we were able to solve any issues without delays.


Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) is a big thing in Russia. There are many fans following various hockey clubs. However, watching a game is not always possible. Every hockey team has its own Twitter account, and many of the teams have a very good online text broadcasting for every game they played. For the games in progress, the “DoubleT for KHL” app displays two Twitter timelines.

  • Auto-update each timeline once every 30 seconds (you can also update each timeline manually);
  • Change main screen layout (see only top/bottom timeline or both);
  • The games screen presents all games scheduled for a specific date with an ability to quickly set Twitter timelines and read about a game;
  • Moreover, you are able to set up Twitter timelines manually, so it is not just for KHL accounts;

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