Developing a Mobile Chat App Without Coding

by on January 31, 2021

Developing apps can be fun, especially if you can do it without needing to know how to write code. In this article, you will learn about chat app development, no code required.

There is a lot of hype around the no-codeĀ and low-code trends, however, very few solutions can actually demonstrate successful examples.

In this article, we’ll show you real proof of a mobile chat app built without any coding. The demo app is built using Dropsource for the UI and Backendless for the backend and database. Of course, now you can build the same thing entirely in Backendless using our visual UI Builder!

Private chat app development companies will quote you thousands of dollars to build something similar. You may be thinking, “I don’t have time to build an app myself! Plus, I don’t know how to code.”

With the approach we demonstrate in the video below, not only you can build the app yourself in a matter of hours using a beautiful UI builder right in the browser, you get the extreme scalability with the Backendless mobile backend.

Backendless is a complete no-code app development solution. When combined with a no-code frontend, such as our UI Builder or Dropsource, your options are limitless. You can see all of our no-code integrations here.

The video below will walk you through the complete chat app development process. Follow along and by the end of the video, you’ll have your own mobile chat app ready to go!

You can learn more about the app development process by checking out our step-by-step guide for bringing your app idea to life. If you’re not sure which no-code platform is right for your idea, check out our 8-point checklist for choosing the right no-code platform.

Thanks for reading and Happy Codeless Coding!

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