Compatibility notice: using async API calls in CodeRunner

by on October 23, 2014

This is a notification about an upcoming change in the behavior of CodeRunner – a Backendless container responsible for executing custom business logic. An upcoming release will introduce a change that will change the behavior of CodeRunner with regards to the Backendless API calls made by custom code. Currently, custom business logic can make both asynchronous and synchronous calls. With the new update, the asynchronous API calls will be disabled in CodeRunner.

If you have any custom business logic currently deployed or planning on deploying it soon, it is very important to make sure that the code does not use any asynchronous calls. Changing the implementation should be very easy – simply remove the AsyncCallback argument from the API calls and refactor the code for the synchronous mode (moving code from the async callback handlers). The change will be made live Wednesday, October 29th at 8am CDT.

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