Free No-Code App Building Masterclass
We are excited to announce the release of our first-ever Masterclass for Backendless’ UI Builder. With this free course, you will learn how to take your no-code app to the next level!

Introducing European Union Hosting Cluster in Backendless Cloud

The Backendless European Union Hosting Cluster is a server cluster located in Europe. This new cluster provides Backendless Cloud developers outside of the United States a faster serverless app hosting alternative.

5 Keys To Managing A Remote Development Team In Backendless

Remote work, particularly for technology-based jobs, is the new normal as the world grapples with the novel coronavirus. This creates many new challenges for teams that are used to working together on-site. It’s more important than ever that your team’s technology be the solution, not the problem.

New Release Featuring Spatial Data and Console Visibility Controls

We are excited to announce a new release for the Backendless platform as we approach the release of Version 6.0. Available now, Release 5.7.0 includes two powerful new features: spatial data and console visibility controls. Read on to learn more.

Introducing Developer Permissions for Team Based Development

As we move toward the launch of version 6.0, we are excited to introduce new features to the Backendless platform that will make your life easier starting today. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a highly-requested new feature, Developer Permissions.

How to Manage a Data Object’s ACL Using API

In another post, we described how to adjust an object’s access control list (ACL) using Backendless Console. As we mentioned, in addition to Backendless Console, the object’s permissions can be controlled using API.

How to Customize Session Timeouts

Once a user of a Backendless-powered app logs in, a session is established. For a variety of reasons, including application security, it is best not to allow users to remain logged in indefinitely. Therefore, every session has an inactivity timeout timer that is reset with every new API call made within the session. When the…

How to Assign Roles to Users Using Backendless Console

In another post, we wrote about how to create developer-defined security roles and how to secure data table access for a security role. Ultimately when a client application makes API requests, the security evolves around users, since it is a user who authenticates themselves against the system.

How to Restrict Access to Files Using Backendless Console

In another post, we described how to obtain a file’s public URL using Backendless Console. Even though anyone can obtain a public URL for a file or directory, it is very easy to change the permissions to restrict file download for anonymous (not authenticated) users.

How to Update a User Account Using User Service API

The ability to update a user account is a common use-case for user management in applications. Either the users themselves or the admin may need to update user properties. Backendless provides the API for updating user accounts, although app admins/developers can do so using Backendless Console as well.