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WebinarWe just added a new page to our website with a list of past and upcoming webinars. You can access the page right from the main menu (look under the Developers and Support main menu drop-downs), or by visiting the page directly at

Our current plan is to conduct at least two webinars a month. If there is a specific topic you would like us to explore in a future webinar, please let us know by sending an email to

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Earlier this week we conducted a webinar on the topic of migration from Parse to Backendless. We recommend to watch this recording to anyone who is considering Backendless as their mBaaS backend. The video includes Backendlss overview and a demo of the migration process. There are a lot of answered questions during the Q&A part of the webinar which you might find helpful as well:

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If you are a Parse customer, this is a rather sad day. Getting the shocking news that the service you trusted and relied on is going to shut down can be rather nerve wrecking. Parse was a great competitor and I am honestly sad to see Parse go. However, as the title of their announcement said “moving on”, we should do just that and focus on the future. For anyone who runs an app on Parse, the future can be bright with Backendless. We welcome you to our developer community with open arms. We do hope you will find our service to be a solid replacement for your current backend.

What are we going to do to make it the migration easier:

Our goal is to make your transition as smooth as possible. We plan to provide the following in the immediate future:

  • Automate the process of migrating your apps from Parse to Backendless as much as algorithmically possible.
  • Post a migration guide on our website describing all the details of migration, including APIs, push notification configuration, Cloud Code, etc.
    UPDATE: this is done. The see the migration guide.
  • A professional services (consulting) team to assist you with app migration.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please post them to our support forum.

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The title says it all. There is a ton of frameworks out there among the infinite number of approaches. Outsourcing, team augmentation, throwing bodies at work, long hours at the office, whatever your strategy is, there is always a better way. How do you build mobile apps? Can you do it faster without breaking your bank? I am convinced you can. We built a company to make you more productive and help you build better software, faster and while you are doing that, we let you save a good chunk of your development budget. Would you like to learn how to do it? Join us for a free webinar, Tuesday next week, January 26th at 1:00pm US Central time. Click the link below to register:

See you at the webinar!


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notify-nearbyAs you may heard from a TechCrunch review, Notify Nearby has launched its app which is now available in the iOS appstore. The app lets you follow retail brands to receive announcements and merchant updates. It also features a very cool iBeacon integration where you could get notified about any specials right as you pass by a brand store you follow. The app is powered by Backendless and uses a variety of platform’s features. We are very excited about the app’s launch and wish the Notify Nearby team a tremendous success with it.

We are happy to announce availability of Backendless installers for the Standalone Edition build. Standalone Backendless is an installation of the product which runs on your own servers, either on-premises or in the cloud. The product comes with a free license for development and production purposes so long that the entire installation runs on the same computer or virtual machine. The product can be easily configured to scale out and include additional instances. In that case a commercial license is required. You can find the download link on the Backendless Downloads page on our site.


We have just updated the website with fresh set of docs for Backendless API Engine. To remind you, API Engine is a product within Backendless Platform responsible for turning arbitrary Java (and very soon PHP) code into API services. The product automatically generates REST APIs and native SDKs. The documentation is available at:

You can also get to it through the general documentation home at (make sure to select the Backendless API Engine tab):


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We are so excited to report that Backendless has been updated with the new version 3.0.0. This is the most important release we have ever done. The importance of it is on so many levels that it will affect everyone! First of all, we made Backendless more affordable than ever. There are three variations of Backendless:

  1. Backendless Cloud. This is our main, centralized installation of the service. There used to be three pricing plans, and with the 3.0 release, all the pricing plans we used to have are gone – there is only one “pricing plan” and it is FREE. You do not need to upgrade or choose a more costly plan ever. The backend includes all the Backendless features and is available so you can build very powerful and innovative apps. Of course the free level has some limitations which you can either remove or increase by purchasing individual Function Packs from our brand new Backendless Marketplace. Yes, we now have our own server-side app store and it is absolutely awesome (more about it later).
  2. Backendless Standalone. This is the version of Backendless which you can run on your own servers, either in the cloud or your own data center. Starting with 3.0, we offer this version of our product to you at no cost, without any functional limitations! That’s right, you can run your own private installation of Backendless for FREE. You might be asking, what’s the catch? The product license is free of charge so long that all of components of the Backendless product run on the same server or virtual machine. Whenever you need to start introducing scalability, fault tolerance, failover, etc, or in other words, whenever you introduce a second machine or a VM in your Backendless setup, a commercial license is required.
  3. Managed Backendless. This is a specialized installation of Backendless which we provide just for your applications. The backend runs in a complete isolation from all other apps, the entire installation is there to support your apps. This is the most secure and reliable installation you can get. There are no functional limitations on the functionality. Managed Backendless is monitored 24 x 7 and it is automatically scaled to provide a consistent response time and is backed by the commercial SLAs.

The release is also packed with some amazing features. Below is a list of the most notable ones:

  • Backendless Marketplace. This is our own server-side app store. It is the key component of the Backendless Platform. The Marketplace is where you can find many products and services which will enhance your backend. We plan to rapidly evolve it and soon will allow anyone to contribute to it, but for now, it includes Function Packs – a special type of “product” that lets you remove or change limits of Backendless Cloud and Database Connectors (see below).
  • Database Connectors. Backendless Marketplace includes 4 database connectors for the Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases. When you install a connector into your app, the Backendless Data Service API will communicate with the data from your own database. The connectors are available at no cost until the end of 2015.
  • Backendless SDK for PHP. if you are a PHP developer, you can take advantage of Backendless with an SDK built specifically with you in mind. The SDK provides beautiful, clean, object-oriented API for all Backendless functionality. The SDK is open source and we welcome your contributions.
  • Custom business logic in PHP. To support our vision of a polyglot system even further, we added support for custom server-side code in PHP. Previously it was only Java and JavaScript and we welcome PHP to the family of server-side languages we support. Backendless console can now generate service handler and timer code for PHP and we also created a special PHP CodeRunner which is a container for custom server-side business logic.
  • Logging improvements. Backendless logging has been updated with integrations supporting Loggly and ElasticSearch. Using these integrations, Backendless submits log messages from your app to the corresponding service. Once the logs are available in Loggly or ElasticSearch, you can analyze them using the tools available in these services. Additionally, we added support for custom log message formats, which you can configure right from Backendless Console.
  • Data constraints. This is a feature many users have asked for and now you can mark individual data columns as indexed, not null (required) and unique. This is a very powerful feature that can significantly improve the performance of your application.
  • Google+ login. We have expanded support for social logins which already included Facebook and Twitter. Now you can configure your apps to allow users of Google+ can use their credentials to login to your app. Also, we modified Backendless console to allow app developers to login with the Google+ credentials.

We plan to publish detailed review of each feature in the near future. There is also going to be a series of webinars dedicated to the 3.0 release.



It feels great to be recognized as a leader. Backendless is featured to be one of the top solutions for the global mobile application development in the DZone’s latest research guide, the Guide to Mobile Development – 2015 Edition. This guide features key findings from a survey of 500 + authoritative IT professionals which have led the precise exploration of the mobile market offers to emphasize the best of them. This study results in helpful and valuable articles from the industry experts, useful infographic that depicts common pain points for mobile developers and a solution directory of the leaders in mobile web frameworks and MADPs. 

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We resume our webinar series with the plan to conduct two webinars a month. The first one is dedicated to the Backendless 2.0 release where you get an overview of the Platform and the new features of the release. Our webinars are interactive and you can ask us any questions.

Join the upcoming free webinar “New Backendless 2.0 Release – Overview and Highlights” and get a detailed look at the new powerful development functionality: geofencing, server-side logging API, node.JS support and API Engine – a powerful API management solution. 

The webinar will be useful for mobile app developers of all ranks – from a beginner to a experienced professional – as there will be plenty of tips & tricks to enhance your productivity in mobile application development.

When: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time: 12:00pm (CDT)  *to convert the start time for the necessary timezone, use World Time Converter

Duration: 1 hour (with Q&A)

Speaker: Mark Piller – CEO/ Founder of Backendless

NOTE: We are using gotowebinar system to conduct an interactive webinar. This service has a strong desktop / Android mobile service for registration Please use your any desktop or Android mobile devices to register for our event.

If you have any questions feel free to leave your comments or email below this post or contact with any issues you need to be clarified.

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