Backendless Marketplace

Endlessly extend your Backendless backend

This is our and your server-side API microservice store, but it is not limited to just services. You can find Backendless features, code generators and web applications to enhance your backend application. Marketplace is also available for private deployments where it can be used a collaboration, product/service distribution hub.


ABOUT Backendless Marketplace

Marketplace Overview

Get an overview of the Backendless Marketplace technology, understand what the store provides and what it means for your Backendless-enabled app.


What is a Function Pack?

Function Packs is an essential component of Backendless Marketplace. Learn how you can enhance your backend with the pay-per-use model.

API Services

A Backendless app can take advantage of 3rd party services and APis by installing a service from the Marketplace. Learn how these services work and what they can do for your app.




Enhance your Backend Any Way You Like It

The Marketplace is a store offering a variety of products which provide unique capabilities for your app's backend. Whether it is an API service or a data connector, you can easily add it to you app and start using the provided APIs and functionality.

Function Packs

The pricing plans of the Backendless Cloud system contain limitations which can be reduced or completely removed by purchasing Function Packs from the Marketplace.

API Services

Add integration with well-known or proprietary 3rd party systems by adding API services to your backend. Soon you will be able to publish your own service into the Marketplace so it becomes available to all developers working with Backendless.

Code Generators

Backendless has a rich code generation system. It is capable of creating complete client apps which demonstrate how to use the Backendless APIs for user registration and login, data persistence, messaging and geo location. The code generation system can be enhanced by installing new code generators from the Marketplace. These code generators can provide functionality of creating code for various programming languages and frameworks. When a code generator is installed from the Marketplace, it automatically becomes available in Backendless console in the context of your app.

Data Connectors

Backendless object storage is a highly scalable persistence system. However, in some cases it is not possible to bring/port your existing data to Backendless. In that case, a data connector can be installed from the Marketplace to provide connectivity with an external data storage system which could be a relational or NoSQL database, CSV files or HDFS.

Store for the Cloud and Standalone Backendless

Backendless Marketplace is available for both Cloud and Standalone versions of Backendless. It means if you run your own installation of the platform, you can still install products from the centralized Marketplace store into your own, private Backendless server.

Publish and Sell Your Products

Marketplace is built to be an extensible system with the content (products) submitted by the community. Whether it is an API service, a code generator or a data connector, you can publish it into the Marketplace, set your own price and the distribution policy. Tens of thousands of developers building apps with Backendless will be able to install your product while Backendless tracks the usage and handles all the distribution and financial aspects of the product's life cycle.

Backendless Marketplace FAQ

Public Backendless Marketplace which is accessible through Backendless Console supports the following product types:
  • Function Packs
  • Code generators
  • Enterprise connectors
  • API Services
A private installation of Marketplace may contain any kind of product. It could be tangible goods, virtual services, or any kind of entity which your organization sells or operates with.
A “Function Pack” is an extension developed by the Backendless team, which either removes or increases a functional limit in the Cloud version of Backendless. For example, one of the functional limits is 20 gigabytes of file storage. The limit can be increased by purchasing the Function Pack of additional 20 gigabytes.
An API service in Marketplace is a complete backend service which can be installed into one's Backendless backend. Once a service is purchased/installed from the Marketplace, it's APIs become available in your backend and you can start using them from your client application.
A data connector is a special module which can be installed from Marketplace. Data Connector enables connectivity between Backendless Data Service and external data storage. When using a connector, client application can use the Backendless Data Service API (REST or native) and the Backendless server will communicate with the configured external data source. Some examples of available data connectors are: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server connectors.
Our vision for Backendless Marketplace is a store open for everyone to publish and sell their products, whether they are API services, enterprise connectors, code generators or web apps. The content can be reviewed by the users who can also provide feedback to the product developers. We are working hard to advance Marketplace so we can execute our vision. Until then the content is restricted to the services, code generators and connectors published by only by Backendless.
Most of the products listed in Marketplace can be uninstalled and a refund is generated in the form of account credit. The credit can be used in future purchases. There are a few products which are not refundable though. For example, the "single instance support pack" cannot be refunded. The non-refundable products contain the information about "no refund" policy in the description.
Most of the Marketplace products are available on the subscription basis. For example, consider the following Function Pack: marketplace-product
The product price is $20.00/month. When the function pack is purchased, Backendless will prorate the first charge based on how many days left in the current month. After that, Backendless will process $20.00 on the first of every month until the product is uninstalled.
You can see the Marketplace purchases in Backendless Console using the Manage > Billing screen. The Marketplace Purchases section lists all purchased products: marketplacepurchases
To return a purchase, click the red "uninstall" button in the drop down list. Once the purchase is uninstalled, the functionality associated with the returned product is removed from your application.
Some Marketplace products (mostly Function Packs) are marked as "itemizable". It means more than one copy of the product can be be purchased. For example, purchasing the "Additional 10 API requests/second" function pack, increases the limit by 10 API req/second. Purchasing two items, would increase the limit by 20 API req/second. You can use the "quantity" control to specify how many copies you would like to purchase: quantity
Yes, Marketplace can be licensed deployed with the Standalone Backendless installation. Marketplace can be configured to contain specialized/private products published and consumed within an organization. A private installation of the Marketplace can serve the purpose of a service hub enabling cross team communication, service distribution and exchange.