Service Management

At A Glance

Backendless provides a highly scalable serverless computing platform for deploying, running, and scaling your API services. Service management is an essential part of the platform. It enables you to efficiently build and manage microservice-based architectures for your products. We give you the capability to build and import services with Java and JavaScript/Node.js, or build new API services with Codeless.

Service Management

Services Listing

Backendless displays a list of your API services in a convenient, easy-to-use interface. For every API service, you can:

  • See a list of operations/methods,
  • Inspect the method details, such as endpoint URI and request body schema,
  • Invoke a service method,
  • Generate API documentation, and
  • Configure service security.

Invocation Test Drive

Backendless Console includes Test Drive, a powerful tool enabling method inspection and invocation of the deployed services. Test Drive lets you see your API services’ REST endpoints, inspect request headers, invoke any of the methods, and inspect service responses.

Generate API Docs

For any API service running in Backendless, our system can instantly generate API documentation in the following formats:

  • OpenAPI / Swagger v 2.0 in JSON and YAML
  • OpenAPI v3.0 in JSON and YAML
  • RAML v 1.0
  • WADL
  • API BluePrint 1A
  • Postman Collection

When Backendless generates API documentation for a service, we provide a URL where you can import the documentation from, as well as a file that can be used for importing the documentation into a third-party system.

API Service Security

By using Backendless security, you can safeguard your API services by restricting access to specific users, or any custom and/or system security roles. You can also configure access at the operations (methods/functions) level. That means you can grant access to a specific operation for one role and deny it for another role. When you deny access for a role, any user assigned that role will receive a security error when trying to invoke the API service.

Generate Client SDK

Backendless generates native mobile APIs and packages them into SDKs for all major client-side environments – Android, iOS, JavaScript, and .NET. These SDKs include all the functionality needed to connect the client-side applications to your API service. The SDKs consist of the generated source code and any dependent libraries. The structure of the client APIs closely reflects the service methods – the client’s API code is a direct client-side mapping of the service methods, arguments and returns types. Backendless handles all the complexity of mapping your server code – be it Java, JavaScript/Node.js, or Codeless – to the client’s native language.


Backendless tracks every single API service invocation and groups tracking data by multiple criteria, such as the service itself, service methods, client-type, and success vs. error. Backendless aggregates the data with an intraday view, hourly and daily. If a service uses Backendless API, Backendless Analytics can correlate that API with the Backendless APIs so you can further analyze its usage and identify areas for improvement.