Instant APIs

At A Glance

We build tools that empower you to be more productive with your development time. That’s why we streamlined the API creation process to the point that creating an API Service requires no prior coding knowledge. Whether you code your APIs in Java or JavaScript or create them with our Codeless graphical builder, your APIs hosted in Backendless benefit from a ton of value-added features: bulletproof security, instant API doc generation, detailed analytics, and the ability to be invoked from Backendless Console.

Instant APIs

From Code To API With A Single Click

Backendless instantly turns your code into API Services. You can write code for JavaScript/Node.js services directly in Backendless Console. You can also deploy your compiled Java services with a simple file upload. There is no “framework” to follow – your code can be a plain Java or JavaScript class. Once your code is deployed, Backendless analyzes the code methods and creates an API Service. Every method is instantly accessible through a REST endpoint and can also be invoked in Backendless Console. Backendless can automatically generate client-side SDKs for any service you deploy, providing all of the backend code you need for your client (Android, iOS, JS, .NET) application(s).

Create APIs With JavaScript

When you’re working with Backendless, you can write your service code the same way you would build a JS class – no special frameworks necessary. Backendless relies on JSDocs annotations for defining service URI, arguments, and return type declarations. Additionally, Backendless lets you use Node.js modules in your code. When you’re ready to start testing, we give you the ability to debug your API Services locally. You can then deploy them to the cloud using our command line tools.

Create APIs With Java

Backendless makes it easy to create APIs with Java. Any basic Java class will become an API Service by adding a single Java annotation. You can develop and debug your code locally, then deploy it to the cloud with a single terminal command. Your Java class methods instantly become service endpoints – we automatically create a REST API for your class. As you develop, you can test your service invocations using Backendless Console. When you’re ready, you can instantly generate client-side SDKs for Android, iOS, and JS for each API Service in Backendless Console.

Create APIs Without Code

Using Codeless, Backendless lets you build API Services without writing a single line of code. Your Codeless service logic can use any Backendless APIs in addition to any of your own API Services. Every API Service, including Backendless APIs and those you build in Java, JavaScript or Codeless, is represented in Codeless as a reusable graphical block. This gives you the capacity for complete inter-service integration. When you’re service is ready, deployment is instant with the push of a button.