Personalized Push Notifications for Android and iOS

by on November 21, 2018

We are happy to announce the new release of Backendless, version 5.2.0. The new release delivers completely redesigned support for push notifications. With the new release, you can create highly visual, dynamic, and interactive push notifications for Android and iOS devices.

The content in the notifications can be personalized for each individual user. You can greet the users of your apps by name. You can also provide content and information in the context of the user’s location or any other related user properties. Your push notifications can be configured to include sounds, images, configurable buttons (with inline reply), and custom vibration patterns.

Backnendless lets you easily schedule push notifications to be delivered automatically. Alternatively, you can send them out with Backendless Console or using the API. The video below provides an overview and a demo of the new functionality:

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