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Feature 25: Retrieving geopoints for a category
February 1, 2015 by markpiller

In my previous post I gave a brief description of the Backendless Geolocation service and wrote how to setup sample geodata. Now that we have a collection of geopoints, let’s look into the API to retrieve these points. Similar to data objects, Backendless returns geopoints using paged data. Consider the following sample code:

Asynchronous API (Android and Plain Java):

Synchronous API (plain Java only):

Asynchronous API:

Synchronous API:

Asynchronous API:

Synchronous API:

Asynchronous sample:

Synchronous sample:

The API relies on creating a query object which identifies the category from which the geo points should be loaded. Additionally, a flag is set requesting the server to return metadata for every geo point (the metadata is not returned by default).

The code produces the following output (reduces for brevity since there are 332 points in the sample data set.

In future posts I will be reviewing the API to run geosearches in a rectangular map areas as well as circles, so stay tuned for more geofeatures.


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