Backendless Spotlight on Nordås Sko

by on May 22, 2019

In this edition of Backendless Spotlight, we travel to Scandinavia to take a look at an online shopping app from Norwegian footwear company Nordås Sko. The app uses Backendless’ Files and User Service APIs to bolster their user experience.

Nordås Sko wanted to make it as easy as possible for shoppers seeking professional or work shoes to find what they’re looking for, so they made an app for just that niche. The app is available only in local regions on both the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

Nordas Sko Backendless Spotlight

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About the Nordås Sko App

Many professionals don’t have the time or energy to go shopping for footwear. Given that these customers often don’t care to shop around for work shoes because they already know what kind they like, this segment makes perfect sense for online shopping. That’s why Nordås Sko created an app just for these customers. As their app listing states, “Anyone standing and going a lot at work should wear shoes with good sole and cushioning – this is an important contribution to preventing strain injuries and wear.” (Translated from Norwegian.) The app features shoes primarily used on-the-job, including offering special deals on some of these items.

Shopping With Backendless

The ease-of-use and simplicity of getting started with Backendless means businesses like Nordås Sko can quickly and inexpensively build specialty apps. Rather than taking the time to build out an app that encompasses the company’s entire catalog of products, Nordås Sko is able to rapidly develop and deploy an app focusing just on the category that they believe provides the most value to their customers in the short run. If and when the company chooses to expand into other product categories, they can easily scale their Backendless backend with additional data tables to facilitate that expansion.

Nordås Sko takes advantage of two major features of Backendless: File Storage (as well as related APIs to deliver those files to the client-side) and User Management. By using Backendless’ File Storage instead of loading their images directly into the app, Nordås Sko is able to quickly adjust product availability and upload new special offer images without having to publish updates to the app stores. In the cutthroat online retail marketplace, being able to dynamically adjust your product offerings is critical to remaining competitive and succeeding with your customers. Backendless makes this easy.

Giving shoppers the ability to create an account can be a significant benefit to both the business and the consumer. When the user has an account, the business can easily track their purchases to be able to provide offers in the future to keep that customer coming back time and again.

For the consumer, registration makes it easy for them to track their own purchase history to be able to repeat past purchases (when they need a new pair of work shoes, for instance). The customer also benefits from receiving offers that save them money on future purchases. Backendless User Registration is very easy to implement and offers many valuable benefits to both the user and the developer.

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