Free No-Code App Building Masterclass
We are excited to announce the release of our first-ever Masterclass for Backendless’ UI Builder. With this free course, you will learn how to take your no-code app to the next level!

Register for Codeless Webinar

Mark your calendars, we will be conducting a webinar to talk about Codeless. Get all the information about this exciting technology straight from the source. There will be a technical walkthrough and demos showing how to build with Codeless. When: Aug 22, 2017, 1:00pm US Central Time Host: Mark Piller, Backendless founder and CEO Registration is required.

Facebook Shuts Down Parse, Tens of Thousands of Developers Join Backendless

In a surprise move, Facebook announced shutdown of Parse, a service they acquired in 2013. The company gave developers until January of 2017 to migrate their apps off of Parse. Many developers have been turning to Backendless as a feature-rich alternative that matches Parse’s features and offers new functionality such as Publish/Subscribe messaging, support for…

Codeless Logic Designer Overview

The core of the Codeless technology we released last week is the Codeless Logic Designer. It is a visual environment for composing logic of your API/IoT services, Event Handlers, and Timers. The system uses “blocks”, a jigsaw puzzle-like UI components placed into categories. When you create a codeless service, you snap blocks to create the logic. As…