Mastering Backendless Database
Learn the ins and outs of Backendless Database, our robust and scalable visual relational DB, with this free video course from Backendless CEO Mark Piller. New videos released weekly, so leave your feedback to shape future parts!

Register for Codeless Webinar

Mark your calendars, we will be conducting a webinar to talk about Codeless. Get all the information about this exciting technology straight from the source. There will be a technical walkthrough and demos showing how to build with Codeless. When: Aug 22, 2017, 1:00pm US Central Time Host: Mark Piller, Backendless founder and CEO Registration is required.

Facebook Shuts Down Parse, Tens of Thousands of Developers Join Backendless

In a surprise move, Facebook announced shutdown of Parse, a service they acquired in 2013. The company gave developers until January of 2017 to migrate their apps off of Parse. Many developers have been turning to Backendless as a feature-rich alternative that matches Parse’s features and offers new functionality such as Publish/Subscribe messaging, support for…

Codeless Logic Designer Overview

The core of the Codeless technology we released last week is the Codeless Logic Designer. It is a visual environment for composing logic of your API/IoT services, Event Handlers, and Timers. The system uses “blocks”, a jigsaw puzzle-like UI components placed into categories. When you create a codeless service, you snap blocks to create the logic. As…