Introducing The Generated Columns Feature
Backendless version 5.7.3 introduces generated columns, a new feature of the Backendless Database. Using this feature, you can declare a new type of column for which the database calculates the values based on a specified expression. These new columns function much like formulas in your favorite spreadsheet application. When you add a generated column, you…

Login With Apple

The Login with Apple plugin enables applications built with Backendless to provide an authentication option where a user can login with their Apple account.

Twilio Integration Plugin

Set up 2-factor authentication, phone number authentication, and SMS/MMS capabilities for your app with the deeply integrated Twilio plugin for Backendless.

Stripe Integration Plugin

Integrate our Stripe plugin to enable secure processing of credit card transactions. Update your app with the status of the transaction through an asynchronous callback.

SDK for Amazon Alexa

Develop and deploy custom Alexa skills for Amazon devices with the Backendless SDK. Custom skills can be implemented with Java, JavaScript, or Codeless.