Backendless Continues Momentum in Fall 2023 with 16 G2 Badges
Backendless earns 16 badges in the Fall 2023 G2 reports, including High Performer across API Management, mBaaS, API Design, and RAD, showcasing the platform's excellent developer support, ease of use, and global customer satisfaction.

CSV to/from Database

The CSV/Excel plugin provides a complete set of functionality to transfer data between Database tables or collections of data and CSV files.

2FA Login with TOTP

The 2FA TOTP (time-based one-time password) plugin allows you to implement 2FA with 3rd party apps like Google Authenticator & Twilio Authy.

Image Processor API

The Image Processor API enables applications to modify images stored in Backendless Cloud. These modifications occur on demand (if needed) with additional caching provided out of the box.

PDF Generator API

Connect with PDF Generator API to generate PDFs based on your application’s data with little or no code required.


Connect with CraftMyPDF API to generate PDFs based on your application’s data with little or no code required.

Login With Apple

The Login with Apple plugin enables applications built with Backendless to provide an authentication option where a user can login with their Apple account.

Amazon S3 API Service Plugin

Experience the synergy of Amazon’s industry-leading storage and Backendless’ unmatched capabilities with the Amazon S3 API Service Plugin. Empower your applications and streamline your data management like never before.

OpenAI API Service Plugin

The OpenAI API Service puts the power of ChatGPT into your hands, enabling you to programmatically interact with the cutting-edge language model.

Clearbit API Service Plugin

With the Clearbit API service plugin for Backendless, you can greatly enrich your customer and prospect data by adding data to people and business entities.