Backendless Gamification Explained

Backendless Missions are our unique, gamified approach to helping you build familiarity with our platform. You must complete individual Tasks in order to pass Missions and progress along the path.

To begin, you will be prompted to choose between two different Backend Mission Starter Packs – Codeless and With Code. These packs cover much of the same territory, but are specially catered to your preference of code or no-code.

As you complete Tasks and Missions, you gain eXPerience Points (XP) and Backendless Bucks (BBs). XP are used to level you up and represent your mastery of the Backendless Platform. BBs can be spent on a variety of items, such as:

How To Play

Begin Your Quest

Your Backendless journey begins with two simple Missions unlocked: Data Sponge and File Explorer. You may begin with either Mission, but you must complete all 4 tasks to unlock the next Mission. You will progress from left-to-right as you advance along the gamified path. Missions will become increasingly more challenging as you go.

You may reach a Mission that requires more than one previous Mission be completed before you unlock it. In that case, you must complete all paths before the Mission will unlock.

Score Big Bucks

As you complete Tasks, you will earn Backendless Bucks (BBs). BBs can be used to activate the free Springboard Plan, add function packs, buy swag, and more. Each time you complete a task, you will have a chance to earn Bonus BBs. You may be required to share a short post on social media or answer a trivia question about Backendless to earn your bonus. Bonuses range from 2x to 10x the base payout!

eXPerience Points & User Level

Backendless Missions Levels 1-12

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course not! Missions are a fun way for you to learn your way around our platform and collect free resources that you can use to upgrade your service or purchase swag. When your initial free trial expires, if you have not completed enough missions to unlock the free plan, you will have to choose a paid plan to continue working with your application.

Yes, Missions must be completed in order. As with any gamified system, missions and tasks build upon each other, increasing in complexity and often relying on previously covered information. Tasks within each Mission should be completed in order as well, although they do not have to be. When you complete a Mission (all Tasks complete), the next level of connected Mission(s) will be unlocked.

No. The free Springboard plan can be obtained through a shortcut in Backendless Marketplace. If you have enough Backendless Bucks after conversion to cover the cost of the shortcut, you can obtain the free plan that way.  The conversion functionality is available in Backendless Console on the Manage > Billing screen. Alternatively, the Springboard plan shortcut can be purchased with a credit card.

Great job! You have mastered the Backendless Platform… for now! We will be adding new Missions on a regular basis. Check back soon for more opportunities to earn XP and BBs.

In addition to activating the Free Plan, BBs can be spent to acquire:

  • Function Packs – Such as additional file storage space or larger data tables;
  • Assets from the API Marketplace;
  • Backendless Shop – T-shirts, Hoodies, stickers, and more.

Ways to Spend Backendless Bucks

No. However, BBs can be redeemed for credit which can be used in your next bill or a purchase from Backendless Marketplace.

No, once a Task is complete, that Task will never be available to earn rewards for again. However, if you are wanting to revisit a completed task to view the related video, the YouTube link will remain available permanently.
Completed Tasks Video Link Available

No. If you complete a task and receive a bonus that requires you to share a post on social media, you must share the post to receive the bonus. If you do not share the post, you will still receive the base amount of BBs offered by the task.

Mission Packs are additional gamified tutorials for learning different aspects of the Backendless platform. Presently, there are two Mission Starter Packs available – the Backend Starter Pack With Code and Codeless Backend Starter Pack. UI Builder Mission Packs are coming soon.

Learn more about Mission Packs in our blog post about them.

Why Gamification?

Gamification helps improve the learning process for most people. With gamification, you are able to learn at your own pace while completing tasks that directly demonstrate how to use features of the Backendless application.

Gamification is more engaging than a traditional tutorial. It provides a challenge and goal for you to strive for.