Admin and Management API Change for Backendless 3.x

by on March 17, 2017

With the introduction of version 4.0 in the Backendless Cloud environment, we set the goal to allow both the current version of 3.x and the new 4.0 to collocate on the same subdomain. When we introduce 4.0 in the Cloud, both versions of the backend will be available on the domain. As a result, there is going to be a change for the Admin and Management API. The change will require the /3.x prefix to be added to all API routes except for “Developer Login”. For example, the following route:

POST /console/appversion/<versionid>/userproperties

would need to be modified as shown below:

POST /3.x/console/appversion/<versionid>/userproperties

This change will go in effect when the 4.0 version becomes available in the Cloud. There will be an additional blog post 24 hours before the release is switched on.

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