Free No-Code App Building Masterclass
We are excited to announce the release of our first-ever Masterclass for Backendless’ UI Builder. With this free course, you will learn how to take your no-code app to the next level!

Developing a Custom Alexa Skill to Control an IoT Device

If you have any smart IoT devices in your home or office and tried controlling them with Alexa, you might wonder how it actually works. In this guide, you will learn about building a custom Alexa skill that will let you control a wi-fi enabled light bulb with Alexa. You will be able to turn…

Case Study: Young Entrepreneur Discovers Backendless and a Builds a Social Network for Gamers

Happy New Year, everyone! Here at Backendless, we hear a lot of cool and interesting stories about people using our technology to build awesome things. Every now and then we come across some truly inspiring ones. Here is a story of Mudasar Javed, a 16 year old developer from Australia who launched a social network…