Backendless Pro Quick Start Guide

This guide will get you up and running with Backendless Pro – a version of the Backendless Platform that lets you run it on your own computer without any limitations.


Backendless Pro is based on the Docker architecture. All components of the product are published into DockerHub. To simplify the process of setting up Backendless Pro on your machine, we published several scripts responsible for installing the product. See the instructions for installing the product on the Backendless Pro GitHub page.


Once the product is installed, you can easily launch it using a script included in the product distribution. Make sure to request a license key and apply it during the installation – it is one of the steps documented in the installation instructions. You can start working with the product without any additional steps – Backendless Console is instantly available for all your development tasks.

Build Client App

Follow the quick start for the client app: Android, iOS, JavaScript.

IMPORTANT: make sure to set the API endpoint URL in your application, per the instructions for configuring SDKs with Backendless Pro.