Scalable file hosting for static and dynamic content.

Secure, scalable and ultra fast file storage system supporting static and dynamic (Node.JS) content. Can be used for deployment of web applications, mobile app home pages or as a storage of static content.

ABOUT Hosting

Hosting Overview

Get an overview of Backendless Hosting, how it can be used to host your web application or static content. See the Hosting management console in action.


Custom Domains

Assign a custom domain to your hosting repository for your web application or mobile home page.

NodeJS Scripting

Create dynamic content with JavaScript in a NodeJS environment. The code can use a complete set of the Backendless mBaaS API for user authentication, data storage and push notifications.



Beautiful File Manager

Managing your Backendless file space is as simple as working with the local one. Our graphical file manager is packed with features to empower you and provide you with the topmost user experience. Whether it is uploading files or creating them with a built-in editor, archiving directories or establishing permissions – the file manager makes these tasks trivially simple.

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Dynamic Content with NodeJS

Deploy your own JS code along with Node modules to add custom server-side logic to your mobile or web applications. Secure script execution with Backendless user/role-based security. Edit scripts with an online editor to make immediate changes.

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File Upload and Management APIs

Backendless Hosting features a rich collection of native and cross-platform APIs allowing complete control of the remote file system.

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Online File Editor

Our goal is to remove obstacles for you to built state of the art apps. This goal would be very hard to achieve without powerful tools. Our online editor is one of the best examples of these tools. You can easily create files right in our browser-based Backendless console, see highlighted syntax for most common text-based file types, edit code, get immediately notified about syntax errors and many more.

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User/Role-based Security

Securing access to static and dynamic content residing in Backendless Hosting is one of the strongest features of the product. The hosting system is tightly integrated with the identity management function from the Backendless mBaaS product. You can establish a powerful and secure system of guarding access to your files either using the management console or the APIs.

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