Email Marketing

At A Glance

Email marketing is a crucial tool in the app developer’s toolbox. To give you the best tools possible, Backendless provides a versatile and comprehensive email solution. With Backendless, you have access to customizable email templates, personalization options, and dynamic email APIs. You can also easily split and segment your audience for A/B testing to perfect your content and timing. We help you leverage your user data to maximize your email effectiveness through segmentation.

Email Marketing

Email Templates

Backendless email templates let you compose custom emails with your own design and content. With “smart text”, you can add dynamic content to your messages based on any property in your user records. This way, you can merge important fields into your emails, ensuring your message is personalized and relevant. You can then send your emails with an easy-to-use API.

Email Delivery API

Any email template you compose in Backendless can be used for bulk email delivery via API. There are a variety of methods available for automating emails depending on your needs. For example, you can manually schedule your emails for delivery or create timers to send emails according to a fixed schedule. In either case, you can select your recipients with a dynamic query against your user database. The system can also send emails to addresses received through an API call, meaning the recipient’s email address doesn’t need to be stored in your database at all. Regardless of what initiates the email, every email sent is easily tracked in Backendless Analytics.

A/B Testing

Backendless helps you perfect your email content through split tests. We make it easy to divide your audience for A/B testing or, if you want to test based on user attributes, create segments to test attribute-specific email variants. Every email you send is tracked so you can easily analyze open and click-through rates based on content structure, time of delivery, and segment profiles.

User Segmentation

Segmenting your audience is a powerful tool for boosting email engagement. We make it easy to create custom user segments to simplify audience management, report generation, and content development. You can then compare performance analytics for your various segments to better understand how your users respond to your campaigns.