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Feature 2: Registering app users with the User Registration API
January 8, 2015 by markpiller

We’re continuing our “Blog a Feature a Day” series. In this post I will review the user registration API (see the API documentation for Android, iOS, JavaScriptREST). The User Registration API is likely one of the first APIs you work with when you start with Backendless. The API handles the process of registering a user with an application so he can login and use the application. The Android and iOS APIs use the built-in BackendlessUser class, while the JS SDK uses the Backendless.User  class, and, of course it is a JSON object with REST. The code below creates a user, sets the userid/password as well as an additional phoneNumber registration property and calls the backend. Please note that in mobile applications, you need to use the asynchronous version of the API.

Once you run the code, the user is registered and should be able to login (unless your Backendless backend requires them to confirm the email address, which is another feature). You can see the registered users in Backendless Console:

  1. Navigate to console, select your app and click the Data icon.
  2. The Users table should be selected by default. The users will show up there:


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