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Retrieving data from cache

This API request retrieves an object from Backendless cache. If object is not present in cache, the method returns null for complex types or default value for primitive values. All methods are available via Backendless.Cache.[methodname] accessor:

Future<dynamic> Backendless.cache.get(String key);


Argument                Description
key identifies the object to retrieve from cache.


Backendless.cache.get("foo").then((result) {
  print("Cache value: $result");

Backendless.cache.get<Order>("firstorder").then((order) {
  print("Order from cache: $order");

Codeless Reference



Argument                Description
key name Key assigned to the object to identify it in cache. The key is used to retrieve the object from cache or to check if the cache still contains the object.

Returns a value associated with the requested key.

Consider the following key-value pair stored in cache:


The example below retrieves the value of the key "orderName" stored in cache.


The result of this operation will look as shown below after the Codeless logic runs: