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Increment by N, return current

Atomically adds the given value to the current value and returns the updated (current) value of the counter. Multiple concurrent client requests are guaranteed to return updated value.

Future<int> Backendless.counters.addAndGet(String counterName, int value);

IAtomic counter = Backendless.counters.of(String counterName);
Future<int> counter.addAndGet(int value);


Argument                Description
counterName name of the counter to update.


Function callback = (counterValue) => print("current counter value is - $counterValue");

Backendless.counters.addAndGet("my counter", 1000).then(callback);

IAtomic myCounter = Backendless.counters.of("my counter");

Codeless Reference



Argument                Description
counter name Name of the counter whose value must be incremented.
increment by Specify the number to increment the value by.
return current value When this box is checked, the operation returns the current value of the counter.

Returns the current value of the counter.

Consider the following counter:


The example below increments the value of the "CarsParkingLot" by 20. This operation returns 20, since the return current value box is checked.


The result of this operation will look as shown below after the Codeless logic runs: