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For Backendless, logging is the submission of mobile device client application log messages from a client to a server. The Logging API submits the messages to the Backendless server logging service. Messages can be any information the client developer chooses to include. For detailed information about Backendless Logging and all the server-side management aspects, see the Logging section of this documentation.

The Logging API uses the concept of "Logger" as a "gateway" for all the client-side log message submission functionality. An app may have multiple loggers, each identified by a unique name which may represent a UI screen name or a functional area of the app. To minimize client-server log traffic (which otherwise may be very verbose), the Backendless API introduces the concept of "log buffer." Log buffer is responsible for accumulating log messages and periodically delivering them to the server in a single batch. The buffer is configured by two parameters, number of messages the buffer can hold and time frequency, which is a time interval for periodic log message flushing. For details on log buffering see the Configuring a Log Buffer Policy section in this chapter