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Decrement by 1, return previous

Atomically decrements by one the current value and returns the previous value of the counter. It is possible that multiple concurrent client requests may receive the same previous value. This occurs since only the decrementing part of the logic is atomic, the retrieval of the value before it is decremented is not.

Future<int> Backendless.counters.getAndDecrement(String counterName);

IAtomic counter = Backendless.counters.of(String counterName);
Future<int> counter.getAndDecrement();


Argument                Description
counterName name of the counter to decrement.


Function callback = (counterValue) => print("previous counter value is - $counterValue");

Backendless.counters.getAndDecrement("my counter").then(callback);

IAtomic myCounter = Backendless.counters.of("my counter");