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Deleting a File

To delete a file from the Backendless file storage, it must be identified by the file path/name. Files in the Backendless storage have the following URL structure:<application id>/<REST API key>/files/<path>/<file name>

The API to delete a file uses the <path>/<filename> part to identify the file which must be deleted.


Future<int> Backendless.files.remove(String fileUrl);


Argument                Description
filePath Path of the file to delete. The path must consist of the file path and file name.
responder A responder object which receives a callback when the method successfully deleted the file or if an error occurs. Applies to the asynchronous methods only.


Backendless.files.remove("pictures/myphoto.png").then((response) {
  print("File has been deleted");

Codeless Reference



Argument                Description
file path A path identifying a directory where a file must be deleted. The path must start with the root directory of the remote file storage.

This operation does not return a value.

Consider the following file stored in the notes directory:


The example below deletes the "grocery.txt" file from the "notes" directory.