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Putting data into cache

This API request places the object into Backendless cache and maps it to the specified key. If the timeToLive argument is not set, the object will expire from cache in 2 hours from the time when it is put in cache. All methods are available via Backendless.Cache.[methodname] accessor:

Future<void> Backendless.cache.put(String key, Object object, [int timeToLive]);


Argument                Description
key key assigned to the object to identify it in cache. The key is used to retrieve the object from cache or to check if the cache still contains the object.
obj object to place into cache.
timeToLive numeric value (in seconds) indicating how long the object must stay in cache before it is expires. When an object expires, Backendless automatically removes it from cache. The default value is 7200 seconds.


// putting string into cache
Backendless.cache.put("foo", "hello world").then((response) {
  print("object has been placed into cache");

// putting complex object into cache<Order>().findFirst().then((order) {
  Backendless.cache.put("firstorder", order);