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Custom Domain Name

Backendless File Service supports mapping of a custom domain name to the application's backend. As a result, once a domain name is mapped, the following backend's resources become available via the custom URL:

  • Service API endpoint. The default endpoint for all Backendless services is With a custom domain name, the endpoint is also available at: http://<custom domain name>/api
  • Web Hosting. Backendless file storage contains a special directory - /web, which serves as the web site root. When a custom domain name is mapped to a Backendless application/backend, the contents of the /web directory are served for the HTTP requests with the domain name. See the Web Hosting section for additional details.

Before a custom domain name is assigned to a Backendless application:

  1. Create a CNAME record in DNS for your custom domain name
  2. Map the CNAME record to
  3. Open Backendless Console and select your application/backend.
  4. Click Manage and scroll down to the "Custom Domain" section.
  5. Enter the domain name into the text field and click Save