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Retrieve User Schema

An application can get a list of the properties associated with the user schema by using the following API:


Future<List<UserProperty>> Backendless.userService.describeUserClass();

The UserProperty class is defined as:

class UserProperty {

  // Returns true if the property is marked as 'identity'
  bool identity;

  // Returns the name of the property
  String name;

  // Returns true if the property is required during user registration
  bool required;

  // Returns the data type of the property
  DateTypeEnum type;


// do not forget to call Backendless.initApp when your app initializes
Backendless.userService.describeUserClass().then((properties) {
  for (UserProperty userProp in properties) {
    print("Property name - ${}");
    print("\trequired - ${userProp.required}");
    print("\tidentity - ${userProp.identity}");
    print("\tdata type - ${userProp.type}");