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Updating a GeoPoint

Geo update API relies on the same methods used for Adding a Geo Point. The primary difference is in order to update a geo point it must have the objectId property assigned by Backendless (when the geopoint is created or imported). The semantics of the properties in an update request is as follows:

  • objectId is a required property.
  • All other properties (latitude, longitude, categories, metadata) are optional, but at least one must contain a value.
  • If latitude or longitude contain values, the new values replace the existing ones.
  • If categories contains a value, the geo point is moved to the specified categories (with coordinates and metadata).
  • If categories is null, the geo point stays in the current category.
  • If metadata is null, the geo point keeps the current metadata.
  • If metadata contains any key/value pairs, the new metadata replaces the existing one.
  • If metadata is an empty object/dictionary, the existing metadata is removed.