Comment Policy

With Backendless version 6.4, we introduced a new feature called Comments. Comments are designed to offer users an easy, in-console means of providing feedback on Backendless features. This page outlines the Backendless comment policy.

More information about the feature can be found here:

Introducing Comments in Backendless Console

Comments Purpose

Comments are an easy-to-access way to communicate with the Backendless support staff and community regarding Backendless features. Comments are visible to all Backendless users, and should therefore be appropriate for all audiences. Abusive or offensive language, spam, self-promotion, and off-topic discussion are not allowed.

If you have a specific question about how to use a feature, a technical issue needing to be resolved, or other question or comment specific to your application, please visit our support forum. You may find your issue has already been addressed for another user; otherwise, you may post a new topic and a member of our team or the community will assist you.

Comment Review and Moderation Policy

Comments are reviewed by the Backendless support staff. We reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive, abusive, non-applicable, or off-topic.

The first offending comment to be removed will result in a warning and may result in additional action depending on the severity of the offense, at the discretion of Backendless. Additional removed comments may result in action being taken against the offending account.

If a user is found to be routinely misusing the comment feature, that user may have access to the feature removed. Backendless reserves the right to enact additional recourse on the user, including but not limited to account suspension or removal from the Backendless platform, if a user is deemed to be deliberately or maliciously misusing comments.