Codeless Programming

Build API Services and more without any coding

Welcome to Codeless! It is a system for creating server code without any programming language knowledge. You can design and implement powerful API and IoT Services and other server-side types of logic with an intuitive graphical interface.

Developing server code or business logic can be a daunting task. Codeless makes it a fun and exciting process. With Codeless you do not need to know a programming language and still can create powerful programs and deploy them to Backendless. It is a complete system which includes a graphical logic editor, a help system, a testing facility and extensive documentation with plenty of guides to help you get started.


Codeless Introduction

What is Codeless? What can be done with Codeless? Why was it created? Start exploring the Codeless Universe with the answers to these questions.

Codeless Logic Designer

Learn the basics of the user interface where you can create Codeless logic. This overview walks you through the main elements of the UI such as toolbox containing the codeless blocks, main canvas and the logic browser.

Developing Amazon Alexa Skill with Codeless

See how easy it is to build a custom Alexa skill using Backendless Codeless. The video shows a few samples of integrating Codeless services to handle Alexa requests.

Developing an API Service

Learn how to build a Codeless API service with step-by-step instructions. The video shows how to transform logic into a codeless program, test its execution and deploy for consumption by mobile and REST clients.

Developing an API Event Handler

Learn how to build a codeless event handler to modify or enhance the default Backendless API logic. The video shows how to create a Codeless handler which hides some data based on the user's role.


Codeless supports three types of business logic:
  • API/IoT Services - this is the type of logic which can be consumed by applications and devices over the Internet. Backendless automatically generates client-side SDK for the deployed Codeless logic and makes it trivially simple to integrate client apps with your services.
  • Backendless API Event Handlers – logic which enhances or augments the built-in Backendless services.
  • Timers – this is the logic which is executed accordingly to a specified schedule. For example, a timer can be configured to run once a day to send a daily reminder email.
Various programming concepts such as conditional statements, loops, assignments, variables, and data are represented as graphical blocks which can be snapped to one another to create executable logic. As the codeless logic is composed, Backendless automatically generates the code. This is the code which is deployed to the Backendless platform to turn it into executable server side logic.
No, Codeless is an environment based on a visual interface where you can create executable programs without any knowledge of programming. It helps though to know and understand basic programming concepts such functions, variables, data types, objects, etc.
Absolutely! Codeless is a great way to learn how to program. As you build programs without any code, Codeless automatically generates source code, so you can see how changes in the graphical representation of logic impact the changes in the source code.
No, support for Codeless is included in the free tier of Backendless (and all other paid plans). You can use Codeless for free without any financial commitment.
Identifying and locating a problem in a Codeless app can be done using the combination of logging and the "Test Drive" section built into the Codeless Logic Designer. We understand it is not ideal and are working on improving the debugging mechanism.