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Previously I described a feature where you can import data to Backendless using CSV files. In that post I used CSV files which already had the data type defined for each column. For example:
location csv contents - Feature 71: Assigning column types during data import

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Backendless can create tables when you store object hierarchies from a client application. Also, I described how to manually create data tables using Backendless console. Finally, there is one more approach which makes table creation as simple as it gets. The approach is by uploading a file which contains schema definition for every table. The schema definition may include data types for all columns, including the ones for relations. As a part of my quest to build a restaurant to-go order app, I created all the tables in my Backendless backend. I used the schema export feature (to be discussed in the future) which generated for me a ZIP file with the schema definitions for all the tables used by the app.

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