Backendless Beta is Open

by on March 6, 2013

We are very happy to announce that the Beta release of Backendless is available. We invite you to register and try out the service. Getting started with Backendless is very easy:

  1. Download Backendless SDK. We offer five different builds: SDK for iOS, Android, JavaScript, .NET/Windows Phone and ActionScript (Flex/AIR). The SDKs include a library which provides access to the Backendless APIs. Additionally, each SDK includes several examples demonstrating the APIs in action.
  2. Register for a developer account. When you create an account, the service will also create your first application. Each application has its own unique ID and API keys (also known as “secret keys”). Once registered and confirmed your email address, login to the Backendless Console.
  3. Run the examples or build your own app. To run the examples from the SDK, make sure to put the application ID and secret key from your application into the source code of the example. The “getting-started” document included with the SDK provides detailed instructions on how to accomplish this step.

Since this is a Beta, you might run into some glitches and we need to hear from you about anything that might go wrong. Whether it is a bug or an idea for improvement, please share it with us. The best way to communicate your ideas or report bugs is through our Backendless support portal.

We can’t wait to see what kind of applications you will build with our service!

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