No-Code App Building Masterclass Is Now Live
We are excited to announce the release of our first-ever Masterclass for Backendless’ UI Builder. With this free course, you will learn how to take your no-code app to the next level!

Game With Me

App features include: Push Notifications, Search Filters, Instant Messaging, Social Login, React Native frontend.


App features include: Backendless as a Content Management System (CMS), File Storage, Media Storage, API-Driven Database Access.

Integrating Push Notifications into a Dropsource Project

Dropsource is an online platform for developing Android and iOS applications without coding. The platform also lets you download the source code for your app so you can make changes and subsequently publish into the app store (note: downloading the source code is a paid feature). If you’re looking to add support for push notifications…

Developing a Mobile Chat App Without Any Coding

Developing apps can be fun, especially if you can do it without knowing how to write code. There is a lot of hype around the no-codeĀ and low-code trends, however, very few solutions can actually demonstrate successful examples. Here’s real proof of a mobile chat app built without any coding. The app is built using Dropsource…