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Feature 56: Searching for geo points in a radius

Previously I described what Backendless Geo Service is, how to populate a Backendless backend with sample data and how to run partial match geo searches. In this post I will review the API for searching geo points in a circular shaped area, or in radius. Searching for geo points in radius must be confined to a specific geo category. The API will return geo points located within specified distance (radius) from a central point, all the points will belong to the specified category. Consider the sample code below: Continue reading

Feature 55: Registering/Updating a user with related data object(s)

When you register (or update) a user object, you may need to create a relation between the user and some other entity/object stored in Backendless. Since a user object is structurally a collection of properties, it is very easy to relate an object stored in Backendless with a user. The code below shows how to register a user with a related object referenced through the “address” property: Continue reading

Feature 54: Validating data object properties with regular expressions

When saving or updating a data object in a the persistent storage it is often needed to make sure a property follows a particular data format. For instance, properties like email address, a US phone number, a bank account number, a URL and many others may be validated with regex (a regular expression). Backendless makes it very easy to do that. For any property, or a column to be precise, developer can specify a regex which will be used to validate incoming values. The values are validated when an object is saved or updated. If the validation fails, so does the API operation. Consider the following example: Continue reading

Feature 53: Disable user registrations with a single click

There are use-cases when you need to disable user registrations for your app. This may be needed if you are going to run a limited beta test of your application and allow only some users in. Alternatively, your app may require manual user registration (or you plan to import users from another system). Whatever the reason is, disabling user registrations in a Backendless backend is very easy:

  1. Login to Backendless console, select your app and click the Users icon.
  2. Click the Registration menu.
  3. Click the Registration toggle to set it to the OFF state.

Once the registration is disabled, any user registration API call will result in error.

Feature 52: Fetching application’s user objects

User accounts of a Backendless app are managed by the User Service. However, the data for the accounts is stored in the Data Service storage. As a result, it is possible to use the Data Service API to load the user objects for an application. Moreover, any search queries, paging and sorting supported by the Data Service API apply directly to fetching user accounts. Continue reading

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