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Feature 128: Run custom server code when data objects change

The scenario of executing business logic when a change occurs in the persistent storage is very common. Backendless provides a powerful mechanism for injecting custom server-side code which runs when a change is made. The video below describes the entire process and demonstrates custom business logic in action. The process includes:

  • using Backendless code generator to create an event handler
  • adding custom code
  • debugging the code locally and seeing how it works
  • publishing it to the cloud

The custom code added in the example is:


Feature 126: Creating a geofence using Backendless Console

This is the first post out of many dedicated to the Geofencing feature. The high-level feature is extremely powerful and consists of many “sub-features”. The process of geofencing starts with creating a geofence. You can do it using the Backendless Console. Simply click the Geolocation icon, switch to the Geofencing tab and use the tool icons to select a drawing tool. Use the drawing tool to interactively create a geofence right on the map. The video below demonstrates the process:

Feature 125: Removing a relation between data objects using REST

Removing a relation between data objects is very straight-forward, but you need to follow a few guidelines. Suppose there is a one-to-many relation between object A and objects X, Y and Z. Say you want to remove the relation between A and Z. The guidelines for the operation are:

  1. You need to send a PUT request for the object A;
  2. The request must contain an array of objects which stay in the relation (meaning the ones you remove are not included into the array). In our example, the array contains X and Y.
See the video below, it explains with greater details:

Feature 124: Controlling column visibility in Backendless Console

After taking a long break from this series, I am back to resume it. I decided to change the format a little bit – now these posts will include a short video describing the feature (where applicable).

Today’s feature lets you control what columns are shown for a table in Backendless Console. Some tables may have a lot of columns many of which you’re simply not interested to see. You can hide the columns from display and it does not affect whether the data for the columns is returned for the API calls. Additionally, you can easily change the order of the columns. See the video below for a demonstration of the feature:


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