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Join us for a live webinar: Securing your app – the mBaaS way

Securing your application data and protecting user information fall within the top responsibilities of application developers.

Join us on August 6th to learn the best practices for restricting access to your application resources and utilizing facilities built-into Backendless.

We’ll walk through all key Backendless security features which safeguard your users, data, files and application in general.

Key Webinar Topics Covered Include:

  • Information kept in your app’s backend
  • Application roles and role-based permission system
  • Security hierarchy in a Backendless backend
  • Assigning permissions to data and files
  • Using console to manage security
  • Managing security using API

Our webinar will be very helpful for the whole range of app developers – from a starter to a profi one – as it will cover all Backendless key security aspects which are essential for any application you are going to build.

When: Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Time: 12:00 pm (CDT)  *to convert the start time for the necessary timezone use World Time Converter

Duration: 1 hour (with Q&A)

Speaker: Mark Piller - CEO/ Founder of Backendless

If you have any questions feel free to leave your comments below this post or contact with any issues you need to be clarified.

The access to the webinar is possible only with preliminary registration.

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Backendless and WebRatio announce a strategic partnership addressing the key app development challenges

Backendless Corp and WebRatio today announced a strategic partnership  which strengthens companies potential to transform application development space by the means of  integration between WebRatio Application Development Platform with Backendless mBaaS products and services. This partnership results in a unified toolbox and runtime development environment aimed at redefining the way an application is developed addressing the key challenges. Continue reading–>


Backendless is a recognized leading mobile application development platform (MADP) – 2015

It feels great to be recognized as a leader. Backendless is featured to be one of the top solutions for the global mobile application development in the DZone’s latest research guide, the Guide to Mobile Development – 2015 Edition. This guide features key findings from a survey of 500 + authoritative IT professionals which have led the precise exploration of the mobile market offers to emphasize the best of them. This study results in helpful and valuable articles from the industry experts, useful infographic that depicts common pain points for mobile developers and a solution directory of the leaders in mobile web frameworks and MADPs.  Continue reading

Join our Free Webinar: New Backendless 2.0 Release – Overview and Highlights

We resume our webinar series with the plan to conduct two webinars a month. The first one is dedicated to the Backendless 2.0 release where you get an overview of the Platform and the new features of the release. Our webinars are interactive and you can ask us any questions.

Join the upcoming free webinar “New Backendless 2.0 Release – Overview and Highlights” and get a detailed look at the new powerful development functionality: geofencing, server-side logging API, node.JS support and API Engine – a powerful API management solution. 

The webinar will be useful for mobile app developers of all ranks – from a beginner to a experienced professional – as there will be plenty of tips & tricks to enhance your productivity in mobile application development.

When: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time: 12:00pm (CDT)  *to convert the start time for the necessary timezone, use World Time Converter

Duration: 1 hour (with Q&A)

Speaker: Mark Piller - CEO/ Founder of Backendless

NOTE: We are using gotowebinar system to conduct an interactive webinar. This service has a strong desktop / Android mobile service for registration Please use your any desktop or Android mobile devices to register for our event.

If you have any questions feel free to leave your comments or email below this post or contact with any issues you need to be clarified.

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Backendless 2.0 is released with Geofencing, Logging API, Node.JS support and API Management

It feels really amazing to begin writing this blog post. We got caught in an unusually long release cycle, spent months iterating over the new features, improvements and bug fixes, but in the end it was well worth it. We did it! Backendless 2.0 is here and the product is as cool and powerful as ever. With this release we made several very firm steps towards establishing the Backendless Platform – a unified system for designing, developing, running and managing backend services.

The release brings four major new features and about a dozen at а smaller scale. All of the new features are distinct differentiators of our product making it the strongest mobile backend as a service offering on the market. So without any further ado, let me introduce the new additions to our feature line up: Continue reading

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