Support Policy

Backendless provides a Support Forum to assist with bug reports. Support provided by the Backendless team is available only for official SDKs and APIs provided by Backendless. Backendless support is divided into several tiers. The priority tier includes customers with a paid support plan, enterprise customers and users who purchased support packs from Backendless Marketplace. Incidents submitted by the customers and users from this tier have the highest priority and are attended to above anything else. The free tier includes users without any form of commercial support plan or support pack. Support Incidents, questions and bug reports originating from the free tier are worked on by Backendless only when the support queue from the priority tier is cleared and support personnel becomes available. As a result, we cannot guarantee a response or a time window for any support incidents in the free tier. However, we actively monitor all available support channels (support forum, our Stackoverflow tag, twitter account) and genuinely try to attend to all posts and bug reports.

Backendless does not offer free support for the following:

  • General debugging of user applications
  • Rewriting application code for compatibility with Backendless
  • Modifying and/or patching third party or Open Source software packages for compatibility with Backendless
  • Installation and configuration of SDKs
  • General questions about SDKs and APIs
  • Answering general how-to questions, and providing pointers to documentation
  • Incorrect documentation
  • Feature requests
  • Troubleshooting

Backendless supports the following use-cases for bug reports:

  • Identifying problems preventing an application from working on Backendless
  • Providing workarounds or resolutions for known problems

Bug reports will only be processed if:

  • The report is made through the Support Forum.
  • The reports includes application ID.
  • The reporter is in the application’s list of developers for application pertaining to the request.
  • The reported issue can be reproduced by a Backendless team member with the provided information.

Purchasing Support

There are two commercially available support options: a Single Incident Support (available only for Cloud Backendless) and a Support Plan (applies to all Backendless products). See the instructions below for purchasing support.

Single Incident Support

As the name suggests, this option covers a single support incident, which may be a specific problem or a question. By purchasing this option, your inquiry is moved to the top of the support queue and will be handled as top priority. A purchase of ‘single incident support’ covers only one incident. An “incident” cannot include multiple questions or problems. Keep in mind that Single Incident Support purchases are not refundable. Once this option is purchased, send an email to with the following information:

  • Application ID
  • Description of the problem
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  • Expected result

To make a purchase of Single Incident Support:

  1. Login to Backendless Console and select the application for which you would like to get support.
  2. Make sure there is a credit card associated with the application. This can be verified by clicking Manage, then Billing. If there is no credit card, add one by clicking the add card link.
  3. Click Marketplace to open Backendless Marketplace:
  4. Click Support Packs:
  5. Click the blue button for the ‘Single Incident Support’ product, then click Activate:

Support Plan

All available support plans are listed on the Support page. To purchase a support plan, contact us at